Interactive Online Training Program

Welcome to Innovative Tactical Concepts. We would like to introduce you to the world’s first and only truly Interactive online training program for self defense.
-Personal Instruction
-Progressive Learning
-Training at your own pace
-24/7 access to training materials
-Access to private training videos
-Product reviews
-Training from the comfort of your home
-Discussion Forums and more….

How important is regular and consistent self-defense training?

Consider the following words from a special agent at the FBI Academy in the Firearms Training Unit in Quantico, Virginia:
“Physiologically, no caliber or bullet is certain to incapacitate any individual unless the brain is hit. Those individuals who are stimulated by fear, adrenaline, drugs, alcohol, and/or sheer will and survival determination may not be incapacitated even if mortally wounded.

ITC President and Founder Brian LaMaster states, “The handgun has become the diet pill of self defense. For many people, it’s the quick, easy fix for a lack of survival skills.”

The Solution: Interactive Online Training
Many people believe that they will rise to the occasion, if their life is threatened. In reality, your vision will narrow, your pulse will skyrocket, your fine motor control will vanish and your mind will race.

Online instruction is not a replacement for live training. However, it provides you with the following:
-Effectively and consistent training
-Instruction on how to get into the proper mindset
-Essential skills and practical strategies
-Muscle memory – so these skills become second nature

Do you feel the training you have is substantial enough to protect you and your family if a life threatening situation presented itself?
If you can’t answer yes to that question with confidence, I recommend that you enroll in ITC’s Interactive Online Training Program. As a member, you can log in from any computer in the world … at home, at work, on vacation … anytime, anywhere. You will learn both proven armed and unarmed techniques for handling a wide range of real-world situations.

Is your life worth 99 pennies a day? Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime within the first 30 days and receive a full refund.

Here’s the link to logon to the Interactive Online Training Program.