Advanced Pistol Fighting DVD Most pistol classes teach you the basic mechanics of drawing and firing a handgun. However, they stop short of showing you how those mechanics can fail you in a real life-or-death situation.

That’s where Advanced Pistol Fighting comes in. It’s a close quarters combatives course that shows you a simple but effective approach to self defense that integrates armed and unarmed techniques.

You’ll learn most of the practical and proven solutions we teach in our live Advanced Pistol course for dealing with single and multiple assailants, such as how to parry a knife attack or move out of the line of fire while drawing your gun.

BONUS DVD: You can’t be prepared unless you practice. So we’ve included a daily pistol drawing regimen that takes about 10 minutes per day. If performed as directed, these drills will develop the proper muscle memory to enable you to draw quickly from concealment in a moment of crisis.

$39.95 + s/h

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