Defensive Knife Many people carry knives for self defense. Unfortunately, few understand how to use a knife properly in a fight. Just because you feel comfortable with knives and may use them on a daily basis for cutting food or opening packages, doesn’t mean you know how to use one against an attacker.

Knives are deceptively simple and dangerous weapons. Just as you need training to properly defend yourself with a firearm, you need training to draw, grip, and wield a knife properly in self defense. It’s not just about cutting or stabbing in the “right spot.” Even if you deliver a fatal blow, your opponent may have up to 90 seconds to injure or kill you. So you must know the elements of fighting with a knife, from the moment you are attacked to the moment the threat ends.

In addition, you may face an attacker armed with a knife. This poses great danger, because contrary to popular belief, you are more likely to die from a cut or stab than a gun shot wound.

In this course, we will teach you proven, easy-to-perform techniques for using a knife and defending yourself against a knife attack.

Course Curriculum:
  • Survival mindset
  • Elements of a fight
  • Limitations of using a knife
  • How most life threatening situations really take place
  • How to properly deploy your knife
  • Effective fighting postures
  • Proper grip techniques
  • Targeting for maximum damage
  • Distancing, timing, and angling
  • How to deal with multiple attackers with knives or guns
  • And much more …
One Day (8 hours)/$150

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