If you carry a gun as a means of protection, you need to be SURE you have the skills to defend yourself in a life-or-death situation. This course safely simulates the most likely scenarios you are likely to encounter.

Please remember that most self defense encounters take place within 0-6 feet. So the typical two-handed shooting stance if often unrealistic or even dangerous when faced with a motivated, aggressive attacker.

This course includes a lecture on survival mindset and attack cues … how to use verbal “judo” to deescalate a situation and persuade one or more attackers to comply with your commands … defensive stances that work in real life … the 3 types of combat draw strokes … how and when to deploy your gun … and more.

Equipment Needed:
  • Airsoft gun and holster similar to what you carry
  • Expendable clothing to protect exposed skin (you will get “marked up”)
  • CCW cover garment
  • Athletic cup
  • Gloves (paintball gloves with finger padding are ideal)
  • Throat protector (a rolled up bandana works, but paintball protectors cost only $10)
  • Hydration
  • Pen and paper
One Day/$150

Can’t travel to our class? We can bring this course to you. Simply contact us and we will tell you how.