If you carry a knife as a primary or secondary means of protection, you need to be SURE you have the skills to defend yourself in a life-or-death situation. This course safely simulates the most likely scenarios you are likely to encounter.

You begin by learning to deal with a single threat with a knife or a gun while you are unarmed. From there you will move on to multiple threats with various weapons while you are unarmed. Once you feel comfortable with unarmed techniques, you learn how to properly deploy your knife as a self defense tool.

This course includes a lecture on survival mindset and attack cues … how to use verbal “judo” to deescalate a situation and persuade one or more attackers to comply with your commands … defensive stances that work in real life … how and when to deploy your knife … correct targeting to quickly eliminate threats … and more.

Equipment Needed:
  • 5-10 cheap, white T-shirts (you will get “marked up”)
  • Old pair of pants that are expendable
  • Training knife similar to the one you carry
  • Throat protector (a rolled up bandana works, but paintball protectors cost only $10)
  • Hydration
  • Pen and paper
One Day/$150

Can’t travel to our class? We can bring this course to you. Simply contact us and we will tell you how.