No matter how proficient you are with drawing and shooting your gun in a life-threatening situation, your training will fail you when you face an opponent who has you at gunpoint.

The average person takes about 1.5 seconds to draw and fire one shot. But it only takes a fraction of a second for a bad guy to react to your movement and pull the trigger. In other words, you CANNOT outdraw a drawn gun. This is a sure way to get yourself seriously injured or killed. Even worse, what if you don’t have a weapon with you? What are your options when you find yourself staring down the barrel of a gun?

As disturbing as this scenario might be, you do have options. In fact, you have the principle of “reaction lag time” on your side. While you can’t draw a gun fast enough, you CAN perform certain simple techniques faster than your assailant can react. This includes the 4 Ds:
  • Distract or temporarily disorient your attacker
  • Distance yourself closer or farther away to create an advantage
  • Direct your movement to get out of the line of fire
  • Disarm your attacker in a number of ways to take away the weapon
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