Handgun The Basics DVDWhether you’ve just purchased your first handgun or you’re looking for a refresher course in safety and marksmanship, Handgun (The Basics) is the perfect place to start.

Created by internationally recognized firearms and self defense instructor, Brian K. LaMaster, President of Innovative Tactical Concepts, this comprehensive video starts at the very beginning and explains everything you need to know to own, shoot, and carry a handgun safely and responsibly.

There is no substitute for attending a real-life handgun class, but this DVD provides more in-depth detail on basic handgun skills than any other video to date.

Video Trailer

Here’s just a taste:

Topics include:
  • Fundamental gun safety rules
  • Proper gun etiquette
  • Firearm malfunctions and clearing procedures
  • Cartridge malfunctions
  • Understanding different types of revolvers and semi-automatics and their parts
  • How to properly load and unload your gun
  • The 6 key elements to marksmanship
  • Two-handed and one-handed shooting stances
  • Identifying the main causes of accidents
  • How to store your guns and ammo
  • And much more
$39.95 + s/h

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