Brian K. LaMaster, CEO

  • Brian's BioCertified NRA Pistol Instructor
  • Black Belt in Taijutsu (Combat Martial Art)
  • Certified Counter Force International Instructor
  • Personal Protection Specialist
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Team Leader (Church Security Team)
  • Search and Rescue Tracker
Brian is a nationally-respected authority in armed and unarmed combatives who teaches a realistic and practical approach for real-world self defense. He brings to his classes more than 28 years of experience in firearms and combat martial arts.

Brian teaches a variety of firearms courses, including Indiana and Ohio concealed carry (CCW), home defense, and tactical rifle and shotgun. He also provides instruction in unarmed self defense and defensive knife tactics.

In addition to teaching civilians, he has trained military and law enforcement in basic and advanced S.W.A.T. team tactics, including active shooter, bus assaults, vehicle assaults, winding stair cases, and team leadership.

Curtis Dodson, Vice President

curtis Curtis E. Dodson is a highly sought after firearms Director and instructor and owner/operator of three successful businesses to include; The Armory gun shop, Healthy One Vending and Tan2Win, all located in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Mr. Dodson’s weapons training dates back to 1990 in the U.S. Air Force from Aero Space Propulsion into Security Police. He has extensive experience in Combat Focus Shooting course instruction and became the Director of Training for CFS and expanded into Advanced Pistol Handling and Advanced (tactical) Carbine,

His law enforcement experience includes employment with the Delaware State Police, Wilson County TN Sheriff’s department, Knox County TN, Sheriff’s Dept, Comprehensive Security Nashville, TN and is the current Director of IEA (International Enforcement Agency). Mr. Dodson has extensive experience as Rob Pincus’ “ICE” personal training coordinator and Combat Focus Shooting Instructor. He is also certified as a State of Tennessee Private Protective Services trainer. He is an active member of IALEFI and has completed the Master Instructor Development Program. Additionally, he is a certified NREMT specializing in SWAT trauma.