ITC has provided these videos free of charge to the public. When viewing these videos it is important to understand that we are just stating OUR opinion on these topics based upon 15,000+ hours of training. Everyone has their opinion. However, most people do not train, therefore, they are not really educated or know what they are talking about. Several of the videos will have follow up videos and you may hear some of the comments on these videos addressed in part 2. By no means are we trying to sound arrogant or like we know it all. Again, we are simply addressing the topic from thousands of hours of training and knowledge. As long as you keep an open mind and you are willing to learn something, you should be fine. No one knows it all, but those who have had gun training know very little about defending themselves because they focus on the gun as their salvation. Our staff consists of current and former law enforcement and military personnel, all of which support our teachings.

Our foundation of teaching is based upon how to defend ourselves unarmed first and then possibly with a firearm. Those whose training only involves “firearms training” have an extremely limited mindset and not necessarily one that is open to learning something new. ITC’s instructors believe that there is a serious flaw in most defensive handgun training methods and we speak out against much of the training. It is not that their training is useless, but not nearly as effective as they would have you to believe.

If you are willing to proceed with an open mind, then we would like to welcome you. Should your ego dominate your thinking, then we kindly ask you to keep moving along because that is exactly what will get you killed. We are not trying to “bash” anyone. However, the truth is the truth whether or not you want to hear it. Generally speaking, most guys don’t want to hear something that goes against what they have invested time, money, and efforts into. Rather, they want to hang on to what they think they know and will maintain a false sense of security.

Something that we tell people is that just because you own a gun, doesn’t mean that you know how to use it. Likewise, just because you have been to one or more professional trainers doesn’t mean that you know how to defend yourself. This is especially true if you do not train on what you know. Our videos are here to help you to think about the training being offered. Now, if you put any amount of time into analyzing the teachings, you will soon come to the realization that it has some serious fundamentals flaws.

Many people mistake our CEO’s approach and responses as arrogant. What they fail to see is the frustration, passion, and that he cares enough to stand out against the crowd and take the heat for speaking what we feel is the truth. It would be much easier to go with the crowd. However, if preachers spoke the feel good message instead of the truth, who is that benefiting? Are they not false teachers? Can preachers be preaching something that is not the truth all the while believing it is the truth? We feel that this is the case with typical defensive handgun training. By no means do we feel instructors are intentionally teaching “dangerous” techniques and tactics. Rather, they do not really see what they are teaching is good for at best about 10% or less of situations because their teachers only know “guns”.

There is no such thing as a universal tactic. Yet that is exactly what is taught and most people have not figured that out. If you ran the same play over and over in football, what do you think the results would be? The opposing team would know your plan and it is no good. Why then, is it any different with defensive handgun training?

Something that you will not see in the videos is what we teach for self defense with a gun because we don’t want the bad guys to know what we teach. You will hear us talk about why commonly taught tactics are bad, but you will have to come to the training to learn true lifesaving tactics and techniques. No, it isn’t just a marketing ploy. Our tactics are much different for self-defense than what most people teach. We are truly pioneers in true self-defense techniques for the average person.

We have broken the videos down into various categories to help you view them according to what you want to learn.

We hope that you enjoy these videos and that you will learn something that you had not considered.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!!!

Brian K. LaMaster

CEO, Innovative Tactical Concepts

Luke 22:36