Shotguns are traditional American weapons. And nearly everyone is familiar with their basic operation for hunting. However, urban tactical uses, including home defense, require special skills and considerations.

In this Tactical Shotgun course, you will learn the advantages and limitations of this powerful weapon … proper setup and how to mount and use special accessories … tactical reloading … effective use of cover and concealment … movement … weapons manipulations … drills for clearing malfunctions … engaging single and multiple targets … and more.

Any pump or semi-auto shotgun will work. You do not need a “tactical” shotgun for this course.

Equipment Needed:
  • Shotgun with at least 200 buckshot or birdshot shells
  • Pistol (optional) with at least 3 magazines and 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Pistol Holster (on vest, hip, or leg)
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Tactical sling
  • Hat and sun screen
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Hydration
  • Bug repellant
  • Bad weather gear
 One Day/$150

Can’t travel to our class? We can bring this course to you. Simply contact us and we will tell you how.