Unarmed Self Defense

Having a gun for self defense is a good idea. But in the real world, the odds are that you could find yourself without a gun or unable to use your gun. That’s why it is vital to know how to defend yourself unarmed against one or more attackers.

This course is NOT about learning complex martial arts moves like Bruce Lee. We don’t teach secret pressure points, flying kicks, or other gimmicky moves that look good but almost never work in a real fight.

We keep it simple and real, teaching you how to use only the most effective and powerful techniques to stop a fight quickly or give you a chance to bring a weapon into action effectively.

Unlike most martial arts systems which require years of training and rely on speed, power, and stamina, we will teach you how to defend yourself using natural body dynamics with the least amount of effort. The techniques we teach work regardless of your age, size, or fitness level.

Course Curriculum:
  • Survival mindset
  • Understanding the elements of a fight
  • Rituals of attack
  • How real-world fights take place
  • Fighting postures
  • Distancing (close, medium, and long)
  • Timing (relative to distance)
  • Angling (directions of movement)
  • Punching and kicking effectively – no fancy kicks!
  • Elbow strikes
  • Balance points and how to break someone‚Äôs balance
  • Falling to the ground safely and getting back up safely
  • And much more …
One Day/$150

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